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Description (Anatomical Landmarks)
A: Distance between Ears (Bi-Tragion)
B: Forehead width (Bi-Frontotemporale)
C: Eye-Socket width (Bi-Zygofrontale)
D: Outside Eye-corner width (Bi-Ectocanthus)
E: Bottom of Eye-socket width (Bi-Infraorbitale)
F: Pupil Center width (Inter-Pupil)
G: Nose-tip to Eyebrow height (Glabella-Pronasale)
H: Nose-tip to Nose-bridge height (Sellion-Pronasale)
I: Eyebrow to Bottom of Eye-socket height (Glabella-Infraorbitale)
J: Nose-tip to Bottom of Eye-socket height (Infraorbitale-Pronasale)

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